Challenger Tip: Where are you leading?

A common issue that reps often bring up is their inclination to bring product or solution into the discussion too early. Learn about 2 problems this creates and 3 questions that will help lead prospects TO your solution without leading WITH your solution.

The Challenger Sale & Sainthood

“Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” These are the words ascribed to St. Francis of Assisi when addressing the Franciscans in his Rule of 1221 on how they should practice their preaching. While there is some debate over whether he made the specific comment as quoted above, or simply addressed the […]

Challenger Sale: Moving Beyond Rational Drowning

Growing up on the coast of Southern California, I was no stranger to the rip currents we would often see. For those unfamiliar, a rip current (a.k.a. ‘Riptide’) is when the wind and waves push water toward the shore, which then causes the water to travel sideways along the shoreline from oncoming waves until it […]

Challenger Tip: Practice what you preach when coaching

Sales Leaders were gathered around the conference table to debrief the progress of each respective team’s reps in The Challenger Sale. There were some great successes shared, with one story of a Relationship Builder who was consistently ranked last, rising to #1 for the last 7 consecutive months. All because she changed her behaviors. The […]

Challenger Sale: Is it okay to let prospects struggle?

He watched every day, waiting for the butterfly to emerge. One day it happened, a small hole appeared in the chrysalis and the butterfly started to struggle to come out. At first the boy was excited, but soon he became concerned. The butterfly was struggling so hard to get out! It looked like it couldn’t break free! […]

A Metaphor for The Challenger Sale

In my post, Challenger: Reframing the Reframe, I spoke of the common struggles many organizations are having with the Reframe that are implementing The Challenger Sale. The aim of this post is to provide a picture of how the Reframe functions and the role it plays within the context of Commercial Teaching and Commercial Insight. While I hate the […]

Challenger Sale: Do you Reframe in 3-D?

Do you remember when the Magic Eye pictures were all the rage back in the 90’s? For those unfamiliar with Magic Eye artwork, a 3-D image was embedded into a picture that otherwise appeared to be nothing more than colorful, repeating patterns. However, to the trained eye, when looked at in a different way, the 2-dimensional image would […]

Challenger: Reframing the Reframe

Whether you are in the process of becoming a Challenger organization, or just about to implement Challenger, you will quickly recognize that one of the most important aspects is the Reframe. Not surprisingly, it is the area your reps will likely find most difficult. The reasons are perhaps different from what you might think. According to […]

Challenger: Use a Warmer to Build Credibility

In my previous post, Are your questions killing the sale?, I framed the ineffectiveness of reps using exploratory questioning with prospects to get deeper into their business issues. The consequence of this approach is that the prospect gives little more than short answers to your questions, with no meaningful information shared. This is because your initial […]

Implementing the Challenger Sale, Visually

Making a Powerful Impact, Visually In January 2012, I was giving a keynote address on becoming a ‘Challenger’ to a room full of highly competent sales reps, who were self-described as Relationship Builders in their selling approach. In fact, this approach was reinforced by the whole organization as it had been centered around relationship building […]