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Case Study: Is the Problem Marketing or the Marketer?

The Phone Call… “Am I going crazy?” Having just answered the phone, I had no idea who was calling and asking such a question of me. I responded with a courteous, but cautious chuckle saying, “Well…I think I’ll need a little more to go on. With whom am I speaking?” She paused, told me who it was, […]

Challenger: Reframing the Reframe

Whether you are in the process of becoming a Challenger organization, or just about to implement Challenger, you will quickly recognize that one of the most important aspects is the Reframe. Not surprisingly, it is the area your reps will likely find most difficult. The reasons are perhaps different from what you might think. According to […]

Reorganization or Turnaround? (Part 1)

As the end of the year approaches, CEOs all over the country have a laser-like focus on performance to ensure a strong year-end finish. While many organizations will achieve their financial objectives, many others will come up short of the results they expected. There is yet a third group in which will not only fall short of expectations, but […]


Articles written on this site are intended to take best practices and methodologies in Sales, Marketing and Leadership, and distill them down into practical steps that anyone can follow. About the Author: Jeff Michaels is a Sales, Marketing and Operations executive that has led both small and large organizations for the last 25 years across industries such as […]