Jeff MichaelsArticles written on this site are intended to take best practices and methodologies in Sales, Marketing and Leadership, and distill them down into practical steps that anyone can follow.

About the Author: Jeff Michaels is a Sales, Marketing and Operations executive that has led both small and large organizations for the last 25 years across industries such as Retail, CPG, Manufacturing, Publishing, Real Estate, and the Internet Services sector.

Additionally, since November 1999, working through his consultancy firm, he has worked with CXOs, leaders and teams in the SMB segment of the U.S. and Europe to create top and bottom line growth when organizations get stuck.

His approach has consistently led to outperforming the market and respective industries regardless of circumstance or economic condition. As creator of the ‘Succeed on Purpose’  philosophy, he has dedicated his career to developing behavioral patterns and different thinking in executives, leaders and individuals leading to intentional, predictable, repeatable successes.

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  1. David says:

    Mr. Michaels,

    Looking to speak with you regarding a consultant opportunity with a telcom company based in Washington DC. Please contact me at 202-xxx-xxxx (Phone # removed by site administrator to protect the commenter’s privacy).

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