1-Question Test of Sales Effectiveness

Evaluate Your Sales Effectiveness with One Question

Too often, there is one behavior that sales reps exhibit, that completely undermines their effectiveness in closing the sale. Your answer to this one question will help you determine if you too, are at risk of compromising your sales effectiveness.

Sales: Those that can’t close, can’t open

Ever get bad advice? I read a post this morning that struck me as such as it advised 3 Questions Sales People Should Ask Every Prospect. The three questions [taken from a longer ‘disqualification checklist’ of questions] recommended asking the following questions of every prospect: 1. What is your biggest [YOUR INDUSTRY] related challenge? 2. Why is […]

Sales: Beware of False Positives

What are False Positives? As a term often used in the medical community, a False Positive is defined in the Medical Dictionary as, ‘A result that indicates that a given condition is present when it is not. An example of a false positive would be if a particular test designed to detect cancer returns a […]

The Best Information Comes From Short Questions – by Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

There’s no better way to improve the quality of information you receive from a potential customer than by asking short questions.  We all can recall far too many times when we’ve sat across the table from a customer we’re trying to help–and we know we can help, if they would just provide us information about […]

Expert Prospecting Tips

Sales prospecting is something every salesperson must learn to do well. An improvement in prospecting effectiveness will have a direct impact on quota performance. This ebook is a collection of actionable insights and expert tips that you can use tomorrow to engage and qualify more effectively. • Sales prospecting tips from 23 Experts • Current, relevant, […]