B2B: Why Thought-Leadership Falls Short

Studies continue to show that ‘thought-leadership’ is not only of interest to buyers, but the priorities of Sales and Marketing. But pursuing the customer’s wish to provide thought-leadership in their buying process more often works against the sales and marketer, rather than for. Find out why…

10 Principles of Personal Leadership

I was recently working with some of my retail clients on ‘showrooming’ and leadership, and was reminded of some of the great principles Howard Behar spoke of in his 2009 book, “It’s Not About the Coffee.” Whether you have read the book or have yet to read it, I would highly recommend picking up a […]

1 Minute Leadership Test…Will You Pass?

The role of the leader is a difficult one, to be certain. Done well, it is one of the most rewarding professional and personal experiences for the leader and those they lead. Done poorly, and at best, your team may achieve incidental success from time to time…despite their leader. After two decades of working in […]

Leadership Lesson from X Games

Talent Alone is not Enough January 27, 2013 marks the first time an athlete has ever achieved a six-peat…six consecutive gold medal performances…in the winter X Games. Tucker Hibbert did so in remarkable fashion in the Snowmobile Sno-Cross event Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t his talent alone that won the finals for him. The X Game analysts were […]

Courageous Leadership: Done Right or Done Over

The Setting It was during the announcements of Sunday’s service when I leaned over to my wife and asked, “Didn’t the Pastor give this same message last week?” After confirming the correct date on the bulletin, we both concluded he had indeed delivered the same message the week prior. We anxiously awaited some sort of explanation […]

Repeatable Success

Repeatable Success is a website dedicated to improving the performance of leaders, teams and individuals in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Leadership. Newly Added Resource… With the article, The Reframe Exercise continually ranking as one of the most popular posts on this site, I thought I would provide you with a resource I use for conducting […]

Don’t Sabotage Your Challenger Sale Implementation

There is one thing that can sabotage your Challenger Sale implementation before you ever have the chance to make the case for change. Avoiding this misstep will lead to much higher odds of success in your implementation.