B2B: Why Thought-Leadership Falls Short

Studies continue to show that ‘thought-leadership’ is not only of interest to buyers, but the priorities of Sales and Marketing. But pursuing the customer’s wish to provide thought-leadership in their buying process more often works against the sales and marketer, rather than for. Find out why…

Don’t Sabotage Your Challenger Sale Implementation

There is one thing that can sabotage your Challenger Sale implementation before you ever have the chance to make the case for change. Avoiding this misstep will lead to much higher odds of success in your implementation.


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Reorganization or Turnaround? (Part 2): Top-Line Temptation

Last week, I wrote about common mistakes made with an underperforming Division or Business Unit in my post titled Reorganization or Turnaround? (Part 1). Most notably, I spoke of the tendency to prescribe a reorganization to situations when a turnaround was really needed, by failing to recognize issues that are below the “waterline.” If you are […]

Reorganization or Turnaround? (Part 1)

As the end of the year approaches, CEOs all over the country have a laser-like focus on performance to ensure a strong year-end finish. While many organizations will achieve their financial objectives, many others will come up short of the results they expected. There is yet a third group in which will not only fall short of expectations, but […]

Diagnosing Misdiagnosis in Business

In the medical field, a doctor’s misdiagnosis can prove fatal. Have you ever considered the consequences of misdiagnosing a sales, marketing or business issue?  In the metaphorical sense, a wrong diagnosis can prove fatal to your career or business as well. According to the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), misdiagnosis occurs in the medical profession up to […]

The Best Information Comes From Short Questions – by Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”

There’s no better way to improve the quality of information you receive from a potential customer than by asking short questions.  We all can recall far too many times when we’ve sat across the table from a customer we’re trying to help–and we know we can help, if they would just provide us information about […]