Challenger Marketing: TaylorMade

Following is an excellent Challenger marketing example from TaylorMade, that takes the conventional wisdom and turns it on its head. Of course, this is requisite for disrupting the status quo.

I’d be remiss in not calling out Corporate Visions who first brought this example to my attention in their post titled A story “TaylorMade” to win.

Jeff Michaels | Repeatable SuccessJeff Michaels is a Sales & Marketing Executive that has worked with executives, leaders, & teams for 25 years to create repeatable success regardless of industry, economy or circumstance.


3 thoughts on “Challenger Marketing: TaylorMade

  1. Excellent. You know, many golfers like me ‘discovered’ part of this. When I changed down to lower loft Drivers, they only really worked well on windy days! I found myself using a lofted 3 wood more and more. Buddies asked me why, I said ‘accuracy’, but really it was distance and confidence. Then, I just bought a 12 degree Driver, with a senior shaft, The combination recovered my distance and confidence!
    This story is a Challenger story, it does not turn the golf world upside down, it simply ‘benefits’ the listener who applies it! Bravo Taylormade, but I am staying withy my Wilson! :))

  2. Chris Orlob says:

    Excellent example. I’d also argue that the following link is a good example of The Challenger methodology. Even though it’s not selling a product/service, it’s selling an idea. Tell me if you agree… You may have heard of this one…

    • Hey Chris, thanks for your comment. Regarding your link to Dan Pink’s discussion on what motivates people, yes, I agree. There are definitely elements of Challenger choreography all throughout the clip. Most pronounced are the Warmer and Reframe as he teaches the audience something that is absolutely counter-intuitive and Pink does so brilliantly.

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